DIY 3d Gems

DIY 3d Gems


Want to create some 3d gems with me? They are everywhere! So, after looking at and pinning some awesome stuff, I felt inspired to try my Maritza Lisa take on them. These little beauties can be used on any form of package or gift, adding dimension and “sparkle” wherever they go. Trust.

I created the shapes using the Line and Replicate tools in Silhouette Studio. I then thickened the lines using the Line Style tool. Once I liked what I saw, I created a compound path to connect the lines into a cohesive shape for tracing. After tracing and cutting, I folded 2 pieces in half, then glued it on to a flat version of the shape… Wanna try it too?

The What

The How

Step 1: Use the Line and Replicate tools to create your  shapes (tip – viewing the grid is a great guide for symmetry, measurement and proportion)

Step 2: Create compound paths with your connected lines, then thicken the lines on your shapes using the Line Style tool

step2 - DIY 3d Gems

Step 3: Use the Trace tool to trace your shapes, then create a perforated line down the center of each shape for easy folding. The perforated line is optional, but handy

step4 - DIY 3d Gems


Step 4: Fill the page, load your cardstock, set your blade/cut settings to cardstock, and cut

step5 -DIY 3d Gems

step6 - DIY 3d Gems


Step 6: Take 3 pieces, fold 2 in half, and glue them as shown below

step7 - DIY 3d Gems


Now you’re ready to add them to gift tags/bags and presents!

DIY 3d Gems

DIY 3d Gems

DIY 3d Gems

DIY 3d Gems

DIY 3d Gems

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6 thoughts on “DIY 3d Gems

  1. Rasa

    These are so lovely! They would make great Christmas tree ornaments too….not that anyone is thinking about Christmas right now. :)


  2. AShley

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! What a great way to create the shapes. Thicken the lines and trace hadn’t occurred to me, but so perfect. I’m so excited to try my hand at all sorts of things now, like a 3d christmas tree or gingerbread :)


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