4 Faux Marble DIYs to Try: Take a look at this round up to achieve this classic look without breaking the bank! Click through for the details...

I love marble. It adds a classic, luxe feel to any project. However, the real stuff can be a bit pricey. What can we do? Make it ourselves! I’ve gathered some lovely faux marble DIYs for you to try from these very talented creatives. Each project has its own flair and technique to achieve this elegant look. I love them all – do you have a favorite? Click each link below to get the full tutorial…

  1. DIY Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging – Almost Makes Perfect
  2. DIY Marble Pot – MYDUBIO
  3. DIY Marble Phone Case – LionLion Bazaar
  4. DIY Silver Set Marbled Enamel – Fall For DIY