5 Lettering Tutorials & Resources - these tutorials will make you want to pick up your pencil or pen to draw pretty letters. Click through for details!

I just realized the other day that I have not done a proper lettering roundup on this little blog. So here are 5 Lettering Tutorials & Resources for you to read through. These tutorials will make you want to pick up your pencil or pen and draw pretty letters. Promise. Click through for details…

  1. 6+ Ways to Letter an Envelope on Melissa’s gorgeous site, I Still Love You. Side note: I fan-girled a bit when I met her at this year’s Silhouette Summit. At one point in the conference, I had one eye on the speaker and the other eye ogling her gorgeous lettering (she was “doodling” and listening at the same time!)
  2. Brush Calligraphy Blending Techniques on Dawn Nicole Designs. Dawn has some awesome lettering tutorials and printables on her site, check them out!
  3. I’m such a huge fan of Molly’s stunning work. After reading this tutorial on Pencil Calligraphy, I immediately ordered the pencils she used online. And love them!
  4. I’ve been following Lindsey for a while now and every tutorial is awesome. I especially love the way she shows us how to decorate our letters with swirls in this tutorial
  5. If you are just starting out in Modern Calligraphy, this beginner’s post is just for you on Inkstruck. Zakkiya has laid out all the details and supplies for you to get started. Check out her other tutorials and downloads too!

So, what do you think – which one will you try first?