Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you a day of love and all the great things that come with it.

We moved to Maryland just over a year and a half ago from Toronto, Canada. As we slowly adjusted to our new home, there were many life lessons that came our way. One of these important lessons was – you guessed it  – love notes. Part of our morning ritual when I dropped the boys to summer camp was to write a love note (which was read out to their respective groups later in the day). I think it is such a wonderful idea to get a little daily reminder of how much you are loved. To this day, we still do love notes (Big is in 2nd grade, and Small is in pre-K). What do you need? Easy:

  1. Paper (I use sticky notes)
  2. Pen/Pencil (the one in the image is the Pilot Varsity fountain pen)
  3. Love (it’s Valentine’s Day, indulge me!)

What to write? Anything that sticks (no pun intended). A simple “I love you” will suffice. One of the parents at Small’s pre-K had the awesome idea of writing fun facts. I try to do that, but there are times when I forget what the fun fact is by the time I write the note at drop-off (tip: put the fact’s web page on your phone). It’s also a great way for older kids (Big) to practice reading and learning something about their favorite {insert game, animal, etc}. His note is usually written at home and tucked into his lunch bag.

The boys gave us this lovely homemade card (featured image) this morning with their own Valentine’s love note inside. What will you write in your love notes?