Breast Cancer

I’ve been hemming and hawing about sharing this. The posts will be a bit sporadic in the next few days, and in order to explain why, I need to share. Just over a month ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and tomorrow I will be getting a double mastectomy and starting the first stage of reconstructive surgery. While I’m sharing this, I just want to step up on my soap box and stress with you to please self-examine, get your annual check-ups, and if you’re over 40, talk to your doctor about mammograms. I detected my lump and in a matter of weeks, here I am. I will fight. Now, I will step down off the soap box and say that this little blog is my happy place (among others). But this is my own little world where I can celebrate and heal through creativity, so thank you for reading along and all your support. Next time I write, I will be healthier and stronger, and all geared up to create pretty things with you. See you soon!


22 thoughts on “Breast Cancer

  1. Fran

    So glad to hear the surgery went well. Your courage throughout this post is awe inspiring. I wish the the speediest recovery. Take care of yourself. I hope to see you making again very, very soon! Xxx

    1. Maritza Post author

      So sweet of you to say, Fran – thank you! Each day gets better and hoping to get some making done pretty soon xoxox

    1. Maritza Post author

      Thanks, Ellen! Your positive energy is helping. I’m getting stronger every day. Surgery went well. Can’t wait to start creating again! xo

  2. Pamela Robert

    What Sue said. I send all my best thoughts to you, hoping to give you strength in your fight.

    1. Maritza Post author

      Thanks, Pamela – all your support helped. I’m told everything went well, and am getting some rest and pinning away 🙂

  3. Sue W

    Always sad to hear another beautiful woman has to fight this cancer. Thinking about you and your family and wishing you a successful and speedy recovery. x

    1. Maritza Post author

      Thanks, Sue! Surgery went well and am resting up and pinning from my bed:) I am so lucky to have you all and your support makes me stronger xo

  4. Helen G.

    Martiza, my thoughts and prayers for your in this process of healing. I had my mammograph 2 weeks ago and will have to have another in 6 months becuase they are concerned about the results.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Hope you will feel better soon.

  5. bonnie chase

    You are in my prayers like so many others…you inspire me every day, I actually scan my emails in hopes there is a one from ‘Martiza”, as you are my all time favorite!!! I have never written a post to anyone, I just love your” eye “, and creative spin on everything. I am a silhouette junkie, but love thinking outside the box, and love all your tips and tutorials! Your spirit helps others, now hope we can help you!!XXXBonnie

    1. Maritza Post author

      You are the sweetest, Bonnie. Thank you so much – I feel so much stronger with your (and everyone else’s) support. xoxox

  6. Charmain

    Maritza, my thoughts will be with you as you go through this difficult period and I wish you a speedy recovery as you go from strength to strength. God bless and keep your faith strong.

  7. Casey AnaCelise

    Maritiza, thank you for sharing. I was 29 when I found my first lump. At 32 I started treatment. At 35, I’m still here finding my peace with my health, family and life. Stay strong. My prayers will be with you and your family.

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