Happy Friday! Today I have a lettering DIY for you. I’ve been practicing my calligraphy and as I flipped through my gridded pad, I thought: Hm. What if we turn these lines of letters and words into sticky hand lettered labels? And, a DIY was born, Friends. A DIY was born….. or maybe re-born (I’m pretty sure someone else has done this). Anyway, here’s my take on it. Onwards!

Hello! I wanted to get this out quickly to tell you about Silhouette’s Free Shape this week – 3d Tulips. It’s such a cute shape, so I decided to play around with it and came up with these flower tags using these tags we created a few posts ago. To assemble these as they look in the picture on the online store, take a look at the Silhouette Blog for great tips.  In my version, I did not close my petals… Read more »

DIY Gold Monogrammed Labels

Hope the Easter Bunny treated you all well! Spring Break was lots of fun – we laughed, we shopped (when in NYC….), we hugged, we cried (when we realized it was all over)… Alas! We are back into our routine and that means I need to get crackin’ on those Mama’s and Teachers’ Day gifts. Before I send them off, I wanted to share a how-to on these gold monogrammed labels (I mentioned them in this previous post). Pretty simple… Read more »

DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks

Hello Friends! It’s Spring Break here in our neck of the woods. Lots of wind and warmth which means outside time (with my hair up, cuz it’s madness otherwise). But before I jet off with Big and Small to the park let me show you how to make these cute mini monogrammed notebooks. Perfect for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week/Month/Year (my Mama is a retired teacher, so I’m BIG into Teacher Appreciation). This tutorial involves the Silhouette Cameo, but… Read more »