It’s a cold one here in Maryland, but you know what? That’s okay because I am happily pinning all the pretty things under many layers of clothes. As Valentine’s week is fast approaching you’ll see some really sweet and lovely DIYs from some of my favorite makers. Read on to see what I Pinned This Week!

What I Pinned This Week - Maritza Lisa - Looking for some crafty inspiration? Then check out what I pinned this week on Pinterest!

  Happy Friday! Since it’s a new year, I’m starting a new series on the blog called What I Pinned This Week.  To share all the fun stuff from Pinterest that inspired me for that week. As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I can pin all day, every day. In fact, I kinda do. That being said, read on to get the details and tutorial links!

Easy DIY Mini Framed Floral Artwork - Maritza Lisa - It will only take 5 minutes to create this sweet collection of frames. Perfect addition to your home decor!

Well hello and Happy 2018! First post of the year and I love that today is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’m home with the kiddies and love all the quality and creative time we get to spend together. When the kids were in school last week, I popped into Michaels for a little inspiration and found these adorable mini frames. The perfect spark to make this Easy DIY Mini Framed Floral Artwork. I could have bought the whole shelf… Read more »

DIY Paper Message Box - Maritza Lisa - This DIY is a fun way to decorate your desk, shelves or even use as a gift box. Click through for the tutorial!

I’m excited to share this cute DIY Paper Message Box with you. Such a fun project to decorate your desk or shelf with a motivational quote. What’s even better is that you can make this as a gift box with a lovely message on the outside and fun gift inside. Also great for Instagram signs. I wish I thought of this when my babies reached milestones for taking pictures. So many ideas! Read on for the tutorial…

The idea for this DIY Minimalist Paper Desk Clock has been lurking in the shadows of my imagination for the longest time (no pun intended, or maybe a little – heh). I just could not find the right clock movement kit. I needed one with small clock hands for the small desk size. I searched everywhere online and finally this last weekend I was wandering through Michaels and found it! Jumpy claps! Now that all the stars have aligned, let’s make… Read more »