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For those of you who do not know me, I was born and raised in the lovely little gem of the Caribbean known as Trinidad and Tobago. My best memories are associated with this time of year – the Carnival season. The weather is superb, the parties and music go on forever and … the food. I need a separate post on the food…Delish. For now, here is a little something for those of you hosting a Trini party, or any party coming to think of it. A way to label your sumptuous dishes and a conversation starter for the story of its yummy origins.

The What:

  1. Punches (I used border and flower punches)
  2. Cutting mat – this is the one I have
  3. Cardstock, pen, hole punch, glue
  4. Ruler, wood circles, mini wood dowels, hand drill (I have this one, but this one looks awesome!), craft knife (or scissors – not shown)

The How:

Step 1: Create your stands with your hand drill, dowels and circles


Step 2: Cut out your rectangles (3/4″x 4″) for the labels, and smaller strips for the back


Step 3: Apply your border punch to the short ends of your label. If you do not have a punch, you can use a craft knife (or scissors) as shown below



Step 4: Write out your labels



Step 5: Attach your label, backing (the smaller strips from Step 2) and post with glue



Step 6: Punch your shape as shown below


Step 7: Assemble your gorgeous creations, toss a little sparkle on the table and you’re set!




4 thoughts on “DIY Dish Labels

  1. Andrea

    This will be great for a Baby Shower! Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. 🙂 I like the simplicity yet so cute.

  2. Percy

    I can’t get over your wonderful artistic handwritten signs.
    I also like your Martha Stewart items – I want to get one of those punches where you can punch a hole in the centre. The cost if high though – I’ll have to wait until Michaels has the MS stuff on sale.
    Her things are great – she’s thought of everything that a crafter could possibly want.

    Hugs to the family – keep the good ideas coming.

    love Percy

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