Easy DIY Flowers with Mini Pom-poms - MaritzaLisa

So, this week I visited the craft store and fell in love with these mini pom-poms. I bought a few other things to play with, but I’m so distracted by these little cuties. More to come – trust. While I play with my new toys, have a read below and be inspired…

  1. How sweet are these DIY Valentine Stamps?
  2. The prettiest DIY branch garland
  3. These plant and trinket hangers are adorable and you can buy the kit to make them
  4. These diy imprinted clay bowls are so gorgeous, I can’t stand it
  5. Now this is my kind of woodwork
  6. Have you tried any DIY concrete projects? Fran’s hexagon coasters will certainly inspire you
  7. I only have eyes for you
  8. Gorgeous (and free!!) watercolor patterns for your crafts and designs

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