Link Love #7 - DIY Stationery - Create your patterned wooden button and string for your envelopes and packages

T…G…I…F. Goodness, did this seem like an extra long week or what? I had a couple of internet issues this week, hence the radio silence. I tried optimizing my images (all 1000+), and that just slowed everything down to a snail’s pace. The good news? Hopefully the site now loads a little faster. So. How about a little Link Love and inspiration from around the web?

  1. This takes my love for pens to a whole ‘nother level
  2. I need one of these in every room of my home
  3. How adorable is this diy sprinkle topper? Now, I need to get a cake
  4. I would make this soap just to decorate my bathroom
  5. This DIY is wonderful way to start accenting your home with hints of copper
  6. I seriously need to start working with clay….How cool are these earrings?

What inspired you this week?