DIY Faux Wax Seals

I LOVE wax seals. But.  I’m terrified of getting burned or burning my house down. Don’t even ask about my experience with a glue gun. Ahem. Not. Pretty. So, what’s a girl to do? Make the paper version – yay! These faux wax seals are lovely (and ahem, safer) alternatives. They add that extra touch of love to your packages, letters, invitations and snail mail.

The What

The How

  1. Using Silhouette Studio, create an oval shape
  2. Double-click your oval to edit the points and reshape
  3. Create an internal offset and rotate to create the shape of your “melted wax”
  4. Select/ create a shape or letter for the middle of your seal. This will be what you are “stamping”. Then make a copy of your outer “melted wax” shape your created in Step 3
  5. Load your cardstock and cut your shapes using the same color cardstock

How to create your own paper wax seals with your Silhouette cutting machine

6. Use your glue to layer your paper pieces to create your seal

Create Your Own Faux Wax Seals - Maritza Lisa

And you’re done! You can use paper-punched shapes too – just substitute the letters with your punched shape. Where will you use your gorgeous new wax seals?

DIY Faux Wax Seals

DIY Faux Wax Seal - Maritza Lisa

DIY Faux Wax Seal - Maritza Lisa

DIY Faux Wax Seal - Maritza Lisa

DIY Faux Wax Seal - Maritza Lisa

Looking for some more inspiration? Take a look at my other Silhouette projects.


11 thoughts on “DIY Faux Wax Seals

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  2. Alexis @ Persia Lou

    Ack! This is so smart! These look so great, and I couldn’t figure out how you made them right away. If you had a second to come by and link up with us at The Makers link party over on my blog, that would be awesome. :)

  3. Tracey L Edwards

    If that’s not the cutest idea! I love wax seals and had just ordered some seals and wax last night, so it’s so ironic to see your post today. Side note: just saw a post of using crayons in your hot glue gun as an inexpensive and very creative alternative to sealing wax. LOVE your post today! : )

    1. Maritza Post author

      Thanks, Tracey! The tip about the hot glue gun I think was via a pin I found on Pinterest. Lots of great creative ideas out there!

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