5 Free Fonts For Your Crafts - Maritza Lisa: Looking for some fonts to add the perfect design touch to your crafts? Click to learn more about these 5 free fonts I use all the time

Happy Friday. We’re all home today because of the blizzard that’s heading our way. With the kids home 3 days this week and a couple of doctor’s appointments thrown in, I thought I’d end the week of with a pretty font roundup. These 5 free fonts for your crafts are all in my digital toolbox for a number reasons, but crafting is at the top of that list. They look awesome on gift tags or even diy gift wrap – to name a few. So go on and download these lovelies, and let me know what you’ll be using them for:

  1. Luna
  2. Sunn
  3. Rivina
  4. Everlie
  5. Kota (update: no longer free, but available on Creative Market)