Use This Font To Make Your Christmas Tags - This sweet font looks type written and comes with bonus images. Click through for the details on Maritza Lisa!

  If you are planning to DIY your way through the Christmas season, you’ve got to use this font to make your Christmas tags. Sweet Things will make a lovely addition to your font collection. It also comes with extra images and when it’s all packaged up like that, who can resist? Read on for this quick tutorial for your pretty gifts…

This is a pretty handmade brush font for all your designs. Perfect for your DIY projects, crafts, web site, blog or business. Click through for details on Maritza Lisa!

I have not done a font love post in a while. I promise, I will be more diligent. Today I wanted to share this pretty handmade brush font for your designs. Elfa (by Fittingline Type Supply) is perfect for your DIY projects, crafts, web site, blog or business. I love how the letters flow together and the best part?

5 Free Fonts For Your Crafts - Maritza Lisa: Looking for some fonts to add the perfect design touch to your crafts? Click to learn more about these 5 free fonts I use all the time

  Happy Friday. We’re all home today because of the blizzard that’s heading our way. With the kids home 3 days this week and a couple of doctor’s appointments thrown in, I thought I’d end the week of with a pretty font roundup. These 5 free fonts for your crafts are all in my digital toolbox for a number reasons, but crafting is at the top of that list. They look awesome on gift tags or even diy gift wrap –… Read more »

Font Love - Snowberry

  I needed to talk about a pretty font on the first day of school. Indulge me? Snowberry is another gorgeous hand-lettered brush font from Angie over at Angie Makes. It comes with 2 letterforms (files) at a very affordable price. One letterform (Snowberry) has more of a wet painted look, and the other (Snowberry Destroyed) has a more dry brushed look. I used Snowberry Destroyed above. In addition to the 2 files, you will also get a 3rd font file dedicated… Read more »

Font Love - Athene - A Free Typeface

  Happy Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend, and to kick things off, I wanted to share another lovely font – Athene by Matt Ellis. This free typeface is designed with a modern geometric flair. I can see it being used in many areas… Anything with a monogram, really. Like maybe a cut out of letter/monogrammed tags? How will you use this lovely font?