diy stationery - mini flap envelopes

I saw these cute mini flap envelopes over the weekend, and wanted to make my own but with a Maritza Lisa twist. They can be pretty useful for anything that does not need to be sealed like gift tags or small notes. I tried both patterned paper and cardstock, but found the (patterned) paper worked best. Adding a contrasting pattern for the liner will add a really polished finish. Want to try these too?

DIY Stationery with Pattern and Pen

I always love a good pattern… and this DIY Patterned Stationery makes me smile. Have you seen this week’s free shape from Silhouette? Go ahead… take a moment to hop over there and download it, I’ll be right here. Now, that you have it, I want to share how I made this cute patterned stationery set. It all started with a white pen. I tried the sketch pen, but the ink was too light for the textured surface of my cardstock…. Read more »

Soooooo, after my post earlier this week, are you inspired? I was, and I already have the CAMEO! That being said, I thought I’d tackle another notebook, but one with detachable pages, and a to do list! One of my favorite features of the Studio software is the grid. Simple and effective. When you view the grid, so many happy things can happen much easier. For this To Do List Notebook project, I used the grid to measure the lines and add these… Read more »

Happy Friday! Today I have a lettering DIY for you. I’ve been practicing my calligraphy and as I flipped through my gridded pad, I thought: Hm. What if we turn these lines of letters and words into sticky hand lettered labels? And, a DIY was born, Friends. A DIY was born….. or maybe re-born (I’m pretty sure someone else has done this). Anyway, here’s my take on it. Onwards!

DIY Gold Monogrammed Labels

Hope the Easter Bunny treated you all well! Spring Break was lots of fun – we laughed, we shopped (when in NYC….), we hugged, we cried (when we realized it was all over)… Alas! We are back into our routine and that means I need to get crackin’ on those Mama’s and Teachers’ Day gifts. Before I send them off, I wanted to share a how-to on these gold monogrammed labels (I mentioned them in this previous post). Pretty simple… Read more »