DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks

Hello Friends! It’s Spring Break here in our neck of the woods. Lots of wind and warmth which means outside time (with my hair up, cuz it’s madness otherwise). But before I jet off with Big and Small to the park let me show you how to make these cute mini monogrammed notebooks. Perfect for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week/Month/Year (my Mama is a retired teacher, so I’m BIG into Teacher Appreciation). This tutorial involves the Silhouette Cameo, but you can also do this by hand with the right tools. For the pages of the book, I used graph paper, and for the book covers I used chipboard and gold foil sticker paper.

The What

The How

Step 1: For the inner pages, create rounded rectangles (3″x6″) with 2 small circles in the middle. The holes should be big enough for your brads to fit (or string if you do not plan to use brads)

Step 2: Cut your inner pages using the graph paper. My graph paper is very thin – the settings I used are on the right side of the image below

step1 - DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks

Step 3: Create a slightly bigger version of your page for the cover of your book. Add the holes (same size, same location), and cut your shapes using chipboard

step2 - DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks


Step 4:  Score along the halfway points of your cover; fold your pages in half

step3 - DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks


Step 5: Assemble with cover, brads and pages

step4a - DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks
step4b - DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks


With monogrammed stickers for the front covers using gold foil (I used the free font – peach sundress), these little notebooks will be a hit.

DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks - Maritza Lisa
DIY Mini Monogrammed Notebooks - Maritza Lisa

Until the next one!


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  2. Tracey Edwards

    I’m eating this up! I’m so glad I found you. Maybe you’ll help me get past my feelings of intimidation of my Silhouette. : )

    1. Maritza Post author

      Yay! So happy you’re enjoying the projects. Have fun and let me know how your own projects turn out!

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