DIY Tag Barrettes


Happy Monday! Another snow day today, and we’re snuggled up in our warm home and crafting. My son (Big) even tried out my pen holder and a couple of my calligraphy nibs. Dude’s got some skills, in my very biased opinion.

Anyway, today, I wanted to share my newest packaging project – Tag Barrettes (if this term is not copyrighted, I’m taking it!)

They are just like hair barrettes but made of paper and are used to hold tags, instead of hair. Let’s jump in shall we?


The What

DIY Tag Barrettes

1. Glassine or Paper Bag,  2. Gift Tags (you can make your own or buy them), 3. Thin strips of cardstock (ensure they are the same width or smaller than your tags’ holes), 4. shape punches like this one, glue 5. Ribbon Stitch Punch


The How

Step 1: Fold your bag, then punch through the entire bag. When you thread your barrette, it will also act as a closure for the bag

DIY Tag Barrettes

Step 2: Punch your shapes and glue them on to the thin strips of cardstock

DIY Tag Barrettes

Step 3: Fold your barrette

DIY Tag Barrettes

Step 4: Thread your barrette through the tag and bag (after you fill it with goodies)

DIY Tag Barrettes

Step 5: Fold over and your tag barrette is complete! What will your designer barrette look like?

DIY Tag Barrettes



3 thoughts on “DIY Tag Barrettes

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  2. Andrea

    What a cute idea, and yes I agree, you should copyright that term “Tag Barrette”..:p Hmm I’ve never seen the Ribbon Hole Punch, it looks quite nifty and useful, definitely going to see about getting it.

    Thank you for sharing this. It is rainy and dreary here today and cold. ugh Yah for Big showing his mad skills. lol

    Have a wonderful week, I look forward to your posts. 🙂

    Off to find that punch and make a Tag Barrette!!

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