Silhouette Bundle Deal

Hello!! Many reasons to celebrate today. I’m so excited to share this awesome promotion from Silhouette! I have to first share with you that I love my Silhouette CAMEO and all the products that I have purchased from Silhouette. This month I became an affiliate (a member of the Silhouette Circle) to a company whose products I truly enjoy. Needless to say, my CAMEO and all the goodies that can be used with it feed my paper addiction to new heights. ‘Nuff… Read more »

Treat Bags and Tags using the Silhouette Sketch Pen

  Well hello and Happy Tuesday! It’s that time of week – Silhouette’s free shape. It’s original shape is a Mother’s Day card, which is quite lovely and I can see myself making many mini versions in bright colors and tagging them onto pretty packages, but for today, I thought I’d try a different approach: The Silhouette Sketch Pen (in white of course!)

Happy Friday! Today I have a lettering DIY for you. I’ve been practicing my calligraphy and as I flipped through my gridded pad, I thought: Hm. What if we turn these lines of letters and words into sticky hand lettered labels? And, a DIY was born, Friends. A DIY was born….. or maybe re-born (I’m pretty sure someone else has done this). Anyway, here’s my take on it. Onwards!

Hello and Happy Friday! A quick post today. I wanted to share that I finally took the plunge. I enrolled and completed the amazing Molly Jacques’ Skillshare Modern Calligraphy course. It is an intro to pointed pen Calligraphy and in my humble opinion… rocks. I had all these little doubts about using pen and ink, because you know I love my gel pens, but let’s just say –  I’m in. The course goes through everything from the materials (nibs, paper,… Read more »