Create Your Own Floral  Stationery

Hello! I have to share one of my favorite new sites to visit – Creative Market. It’s such a happy resource for finding great graphic elements from talented designers. There are weekly deals (yep and free stuff too!), templates and fonts (swoon!).  Affordable too – like the little set of vintage floral goodies I just purchased from the very talented Mia Charro. Now I can play designer too! Let’s have some fun together and make some notecards. I like the postcard format – it’s flat and easy to make. Want to create your own stationery too?


The What

The How

Step 1 – Create a new document in Studio and Merge your graphic elements (File>Merge) onto your new document Create Your Own Stationery

Step 2 – Trace the items you want to include on your card. Let me explain first – this step will allow us to crop the shapes, so that we can move them as individual pieces (as opposed to a big rectangle of images – clear as mud? Stick with me…)

Step 2a – Select the Trace tool and select the trace area (your images). De-select the High Pass option and move the Threshold slider to 100% – this will completely fill your images Create Your Own Stationery

Step 2b – Select Trace Outer Edge – don’t move a thing!

Step 3 – Select all your images again and be sure to include the traced images. Now, go to Object>Modify>Crop. Your images are now separated.

Create Your Own Stationery


Step 4: Now create your card. I like to use the rounded square shape. For my design, I used a polka-dot fill and set the transparency to 50% (in the Advanced Options) Create Your Own Floral Stationery

Step 5 – Arrange your design on the card Create Your Own Stationery

Step 6 – If you are using the Silhouette to cut your cardstock, select your card to be cut in the cut style window

Create Your Own Stationery


Step 7 – Print and Cut your card. If you need detailed instructions on this feature, check out this post, or the Silhouette YouTube station

Pair your cards up with some cute envelopes (and matching liners), and you’ve got yourself your own designer stationery set!



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