DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

I have a cutie for you today. This week’s free shape of the week from Silhouette is a camera shape. For those photographers in our lives or if you are hosting a photo-themed party – these little camera tags will add the perfect finish to your gifts and treat bags. I coupled it with a free chalkboard background from Creative Market (like it on Facebook, and it’s yours!) to create these adorable tags.

The What

The How

Step 1: Open your free shape and merge (File>Merge) the free graphic from Creative Market

Step 2: Resize your shape and place the heart in the lens as shown below

Step 3: Color the camera (using the Fill window) white or light grey, then color your heart a different color. Make sure that you have set your heart and camera cut settings to No Cut

step3 - DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

Step 4: Select the camera and use the offset tool to create an outline. There will be little bits and pieces created within the offset. Release the Compound Path, and delete the internal bits and pieces

step4 - DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

Step 5: Crop the outline (offset) from the chalkboard background – select them both, then Object>Modify>Crop

step5 - DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

Step 6: Create 2 circles using the offset tool, select them and create a Compound Path (Object>Make Compound Path)

step6 - DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

Step 7: Weld the 2 shapes together, place camera and heart on top, then Print and Cut – example tutorial is in this post or the Silhouette America YouTube station

step7 - DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

Now you can add them to tags, bags or gifts as embellishments to all the photographers close to your hearts.

DIY Chalkboard Camera Tags - Maritza Lisa

DIY Chalkboard Camera Tags - Maritza Lisa

DIY Chalkboard Camera Tags - Maritza Lisa

DIY Chalkboard Camera Tags - Maritza Lisa
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8 thoughts on “DIY Mini Chalkboard Camera Tags

  1. Tuba

    Thank you for this great tutorial! I dont have much experience with Silhouette…
    I grabbed the Background from Creative Market(appearently you have to like it on Facebook and register an Account). When I want to merge the background and the shape, I can not find it anywhere in my Computer, whether in my “Downloads” file nor anywhere else… Can you please help me? Thanks a lot!


    1. Maritza Post author

      You’re welcome, Tuba! Glad you liked it. I have a Mac and it was downloaded as a zip file to my Downloads folder. You need to first unzip to your local drive, then merge. Good luck!


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